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Edurata is an intelligent glossary for businesses of the 21. century. Unlike other solutions, we rely on saving data in its most atomic form and let the machine format it as you desire. Transforming your information to charts, pro-con lists or a text in your language are just some of the many ways you can use this platform for.

Check our agile, standardized solution for an ever-growing complexity of information.

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Problems and Solutions


The job market is at its all-time high in fluctuation.
Especially knowledge-driven industries like IT or consulting, experience an increasing amount of losses
due to onboardings, inefficient communication and missing standards.

Transporting Knowledge

  • Onboarding processes, especially for large projects, are tedious for new hires and costly for your company. Edurata can substantially reduce the Time-to-Productivity of your new colleagues.
  • On-the-job trainings are necessary even for your more experienced employees. Spare them poorly structured documentations or age-old power point slides and let them get to the essentials faster.

Saving Knowledge

  • Offboarding occurs once your employee chooses to set sail elsewhere. Their knowledge, however, doesn't need to be lost. Edurata helps you to keep knowledge within your gates by making it fun & easy to write documentations. All without long essays of text or time intensive meetings.
  • Specifications define what your product needs to do. Unfortunately, the communication required to get there, rarely is as smooth as it could be. Edurata enforces a common language among customers, developers and managers by providing a straight-forward standardization framework.
The agile way

How to use?

With Edurata, your knowledge goes into the machine and comes out with a brand new face. The process is three-fold:

1. Think

Get a grasp of what you are trying to save.

Any person or a dedicated team can think about terms within your company, how they are structured and how they are related.The more fine-grained the result of this step is, the more flexible you become in changing it lateron.

2. Save via editor

Digitalize your atomic data.

Use the editor to bring your ideas into a digital form. You have several components and relationships at your disposal to structure it.

3. Use the result

Process your data and enjoy the result.

Once your data is digitalized, it can be visualized as desired. You can choose between different processors for text, graphics and maths, just to name some.


static text, examples merged with definitions, incomplete listings of examples, no context

"...Communication may run with internet protocols like HTTP and SOAP and may be based on JSON or XML..."


complete listings of examples found in each topic, clear relationships and hierarchy between topics

Features and Benefits

What’s in the box?

Edurata comes with direct advantages for your day-to-day operations.
Check a few selected ones here:

Clear definitions for your company

Get the gist: Any Topic is uniquely defined and can be understood by looking at both its external context and its internal structure.

Standardize: Special typing and inheritance rules lead to all advantages of standardization: less repetitions, less ambiguity, and therefore higher efficiency.

Stay agile: Edurata was designed to fit into your agile organisation frameworks like SCRUM® or LESS. Forget about waterfalls.

A community of experts

Locate experts: Sometimes, all you need is the right person to talk to for a certain topic or problem. Edurata helps you to find the right ones quickly.

Make new experts: Eduratas explorer was designed with an easy knowledge transfer in mind, helping employees to gain experience through one central source.

Reward knowledge: Any knowledge can be publicly linked with users, making it easy for you to make out your most knowledgable and committed employees.

Dynamic formatting for individual needs

Stay global: As it is a Webapplication, Edurata can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, since you are dealing with atomic data, translations into the supported languages is done automatically.

Visualize dynamically: As all data is in atomic form it can be easily processed as desired: Main usages are visualizations, text generation but could also be training a chat bot.

Change your perspective: Topics are adjustable and are automatically adapted to your level of knowledge in an area.

Intuitive tools

Edit: to save and adjust your atomic data. The hierarchies and relationships of your data bits are defined here.

Explore: to find your data and visualize it. The visualizer exists in many shapes and forms: Some could be used for math formulas, charts or just text.

Open Source dictionary:

For everyone & for free

Edurata can be used open-source as a usual dictionary for day to day and topical terms. The list of terms is constantly growing and maintained mainly by us and a few selected language specialists.

Get started

Business Solutions:

Base: Extend the open source dictionary with your own protected terms or create a new library from scratch.

Premium: An experienced Consultant visits your enterprise and supports you in using our platform.

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